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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

New Yorker profiles Note's Halperin

Amazing that the Note's Mark Halperin should have got an 8,000 word write-up given that (it appears) the page only gets around 30,000 hits a day (generally including your humble blogger.)

(His father, Morton Halperin gets some space - he was appointed at the age of 29 to the DOD - in 1967!)

The scribe, David Grann, after some breathless yards of day-in-the-life, turns out to be jaded about the trivialising tendencies of the gee-whizzery [1]: the copy-editor catches the mood of the piece with the hed: Inside Dope.

  1. The page lets its readers work out their coolness factor by the allusions it makes: the more of them that you get, the closer you are to the inside track. By Halperin
    The Note can function on at least two levels—something for insiders and something for hyper-insiders.
    Cliques within cliques.

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