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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Kerry's Mary Cheney crack

[Oh, please!]

Being out of the loop for a couple of days, I missed the head of steam being generated.

All sorts of fun to be had. A plangent quote dredged up from the archives from one Chastity Bono (!), for instance
I still kind of believed in this idea of politicians caring about people and voting based on a belief system of their own, as opposed to really a bunch of people who are really trying to keep their jobs. [Politicians] are really concerned with power and career, and that completely takes over anything else.

The idea that all American morons are crackers who call their mother Auntie clearly in need of revisiting.

The answer to the hardy perennial from Joseph Welch - Have you no decency? - is, natch, Duh! I'm a politician.

Thus, the most convincing explanation I've seen for Kerry's reference to Mary Cheney in the third debate is an exercise in voter suppression - pointing out to the Christian-nutter bedrock of GOP support that the Veep willingly grasps a viper to his bosom.

Even Kerry lackeys are buffing their hardball credentials - mouthpiece Stephanie Cutter referring to La Cheney as fair game.

Not excessively sisterly language...

And, apparently, it wasn't only the Dittoheads who took exception - it seems, 64% said Kerry's mot was inappropriate.

Perhaps this is the October Surprise: a self-inflicted Blighty one from JFK. Only going to show that Treebeard was, indeed, too clever by half. Or perhaps, just ballast for the news-hole.

The merits are, of course, by the by: Mary Cheney is not Emma Claire Edwards, being a KC04 campaign operative - strictly off camera - and out of the closet. No doubt she is fair game - as if fairness would be any sort of bar!

Metropolitan sophisticates knew she was a devotee of Sappho, and would not have been shocked by Kerry's reference; but it would apparently have come as a surprise to KE that most other Americans didn't know La Cheney from Eve - far less her sexual predilections. That many flyover denizens think Kerry 'outed' the girl is hardly a surprise.

Can one look forward to a diminution in DEWDROP sanctimony as a result of the blatantly cynical Kerry homo-coup?

(I'm fairly sure that Prince of Darkness Tom DeLay would be puzzled over what the fuss was about...)

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