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Friday, October 08, 2004

Kerry on religion - and a very odd byline

The topic doesn't get the juices flowing - without the genuine prospect of an excommunication [1]. There was Marc Balestrieri (July 2) - but his heresy petition seems to be on some back-burner somewhere [2].

The New York Times interview on the subject I notice for the blue moon byline of executive editor Bill Keller (second banana to Jodi Wilgoren!).

Strangely, the piece is a tad short - 1,200 words - for such a blue riband event: no doubt, Keller took the opportunity to explain at some length that he had every intention of extending to a Kerry Administration the same unctuous servility as that enjoyed by the current outfit. And that cut into interview time...

  1. Ireland used to produce a decent line in mike-friendly Catholic bigots. I remember a mid-90s phone-in on RTE on abortion or wayward bishops with a harridan who distinguished between real Catholics and Vatican II Catholics. The Celtic Tiger has long since swept such coelacanths from the airwaves, which became dull and therefore unlistened to (by me, at least).

  2. A Catholic fire-eater writes...

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