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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Israel waves Bush's blank check around: and Kerry's response is...

As that great Democrat Lyndon Johnson once said, Once you have them by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow.

Well, sometimes it works out. And I don't see the downside in the gloating of Ariel Sharon's boy, one Dov Weisglass, over the Fat Man's free pass from the Leader of the Free World to stick it to the arabushes more or less as he pleases.

In an interview to appear this Friday in Ha'aretz - the Israeli Guardian, kinda - he vouchsafes that
The significance of the disengagement plan is the freezing of the peace process.

And when you freeze that process, you prevent the establishment of a Palestinian state, and you prevent a discussion on the refugees, the borders and Jerusalem.

I think George Tenet would call that a slam dunk.

Of course, no one ever thought that Sharon would allow a Palestinian state under any circumstances: but Bush has evidently given him a comfort zone the size of Texas on the point.

Let the carpet-bombing begin: at least as far as Bush is concerned, Sharon is fireproof.

But what about Kerry? With Arab-Americans happy to take it up the ass from Kerry for the pleasure of revenging themselves on Bush, his flank is safe to dance the Hava Nagilah with AIPAC and all manner of stateside arabush-bashers.

According to Mr Google (a news search on weisglass "john kerry"), Kerry has managed to avoid commenting on the interview. But Edwards in yesterday's debate was asked a question on Kerry's Israel policy, and was able to signal the tone of that policy. No surprises that that tone was harshly pro-Sharon:
the Israeli people not only have the right to defend themselves, they should defend themselves. They have an obligation to defend themselves.

Now that's what I call an excess of zeal!

He continues with
a personal story. I was in Jerusalem a couple of years ago, actually three years ago, in August of 2001, staying at the King David Hotel.

Pause to marvel that an anecdote about terrorism directed at Jews - that's what it is - should namecheck the location of the most infamous act of terrorism by Jews, the handiwork of Irgun's Menachem Begin. And terrorism directed that ultra-loyal Bush ally, Britain, too. Did Edwards or his minders appreciate the irony, I wonder?

He goes on to say that, the same day he checked out of the hotel,
not far from where we were staying, the Sbarro Pizzeria was hit by a suicide bomber in Jerusalem.

Sharon's sphincter receives a vigorous massage from the aspirant veep:
What are the Israeli people supposed to do? How can they continue to watch Israeli children killed by suicide bombers, killed by terrorists?

How did that play in Dearborn, I wonder? I doubt somehow whether KE04 bothered to check.

Once you have them by the balls...

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