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Friday, October 08, 2004

Dem myopia on Colorado EV initiative

We now have polling evidence on Proposition 36, which, if passed, would split the state's electoral votes proportionately: in practice, five to the winner, four to the loser.

The Washington Times yesterday said
A statewide Ciruli Associates poll found 51 percent in favor of the measure and 37 percent against it. The rest were undecided.

But the opposition, led by Governor Bill Owens, has been late in taking the field.

The Dems have that post-Florida infectious enthusiasm: Julie Brown, leading the pro-props, impersonates Jefferson Smith:
Right now, if you're a Republican in California or a Democrat in Texas, your vote is ignored.


I'm a little rusty on the mechanics; but isn't California a majority Dem state with constitutional provision for initiatives, and Texas a majority GOP state without such a provision?

And a Dem state that could elect Schwarzenegger...

(Here endeth the druther.)

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