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Monday, October 04, 2004

A David Brooks question: does cookie-cutter America exist?

Another piece of inspiration from today's Note:
Cheney versus Edwards: Well, apparently, one is bald and the other has good hair — if the cookie-cutter newspaper curtain-raiser on the veep debate are to be believed.

We're familiar with the masterly charlatanry of Brooks' sociological analysis of the US betwee red states and blue states. I hereby invite his attention to a similarly fecund discrimen: between cookie-cutter America and the other sort.

In the UK, we're notorious for having given up all pretensions to culinary expertise - managing the toaster and filter machine are about the limit for many. Making one's own cookies (Anglice biscuits [1]) from a domestic staple has become a specialist pursuit.

In the US, I would a priori expect cookie-cutter users to break for Bush by at least two-to-one; but perhaps Baked Goods Moms [2] confound expectations.

The image is exceptionally appealing: a handsome woman in a traditional kitchen, surrounded by Jack and Emma Claire lookalikes, and a Wonkette dog or two, wooden spoon in hand, a cute smudge of flour on her nose: now that's what I call a spot!

(I shall expect points...)

  1. Have I mentioned Kinky Freedman's timeless classic Get Your Biscuits In The Oven And Your Buns In The Bed - surely George and Laura's song!

  2. Hey! Are Baked Goods Moms obviously more absurd a category than Security Moms? (A concept which the Post today calls as complete bollocks.)


Scene I'd like to see: Teresa, returning home inopportunely, finds Kerry, beer in hand, line-dancing with some of the campaign team to Biscuits in the Oven.

Mãe do deus!

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