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Thursday, October 21, 2004

Arnie opposes three strikes reform - but it's polling 3:1 anyhow

In the past, I've devoted a good deal of space [1] to the abortion which is the California penal system. Early evidence suggested that the good people of the Golden State did not give a flying fuck about the matter, which rather sapped the enthusiasm.

The penal knee-jerk has not been wholly consistent: on April 18, I mentioned Proposition 36, passed in 2000, which enables some convicted of non-violent drug-related crimes to receive treatment rather than be incarcerated.

And the current Proposition 66 - reforming the three-strikes law - is polling around three to one in favour [2] - despite the ever-unpredictable Governor Schwarzenegger campaigning for Prop 66 to be rejected [3].

Joining Arnold (in this limited sense!) is, it seems, vile Dem Attorney-General Bill Lockyer, who famously expressed approval for rape as a method of jailhouse justice - and subsequently got reelected, if I recall aright, with an increased majority. (Prison rape jokes are, of course, a staple of the Hollywood fun factory.)

  1. More than a dozen pieces mentioning the California Correctional Peace Officers Association (CCPOA) alone.

    Amazing how few complaints one has heard from the DEWDROPs about this organization - Sinclair Broadcast is vilified whilst the CCPOA, an engine of corruption and violence which would reduce those classical Democrat evil-doers, Hague and Pendergast, to dumb admiration, gets off scot-free.

    Of course, the CCPOA are regular - so, in the cause of party unity, everything is permitted.

  2. A Field Poll last week
    reported that almost two-thirds of voters said they plan to vote the proposition into law, while only 18 percent said no.
  3. Schwarzi-watchers can no doubt tell whether this is triangulation, vacillation or histrionics.

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