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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Another liberal polling 'dirty secret': homo-marriage amendment

I commented earlier in the day (here and here) on a couple of odd polling results for liberal voters.

But - Ohio takes the biscuit.

As well as the close presidential race in the state [1], there is an initiative on the ballot (Issue 1) for a homo-marriage amendment to the Ohio Constitution.

Of course, it's the wedge issue du jour designed to excite the GOP base. The Federal version has no chance of Congressional approval in this universe: but out in the states, the appeal goes beyond the usual hard-right suspects.

Thus, in Ohio, likely voters lean in favour of Issue 1 48-45 - within the MOE, as with the presidential numbers.

But - 37% of Dems and 30% of self-styled liberals also support the initiative.

What's up with that? It can't be a prudential position like Negroes in the Old South professing to approve Jim Crow - there'd be no comeback on a liberal for supporting homo-marriage: it would be kinda expected, you'd have thought.

(In fact, if the word got out, I suspect the social penalty on some of these pro-Issue 1 liberals would be considerable.)

But surely, a homo-marriage amendment contradicts their core beliefs? As well as being as much a totem on the left as it is on the right.

Very odd.

  1. Mark Blumenthal has a theory, plus other interesting polling stuff.

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