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Friday, October 08, 2004

Another Kerry foreign policy dissection this Sunday

Promised by the Note yesterday:
In Sunday's New York Times Magazine, Matt Bai delivers a brilliant, if not overly sympathetic, analysis of John Kerry's foreign policy that breaks through each side's rhetorical attacks and defenses to find a true chasm between the optimistic, military-heavy state-based Notion of the war on terror of President Bush and the diplomacy-heavy ideological "civilization against chaos" view of Senator John Kerry.

Is that what it is...

I'll withhold judgement pending the appearance of the real deal. As it were.

Example of Bai spikiness:
Bai discovers a candidate for president who recoils at probing questions during interviews ("what some politicians … might have considered an opportunity to persuade and impress voters Kerry seemed to regard only as an invitation to do himself harm")...

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