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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

700 scholars decry Bush foreign policy: no comment on Kerry's

Crooked Timber notes a round-robin from, currently, 689 academics which says
We judge that the current American policy centered around the war in Iraq is the most misguided one since the Vietnam period...

It decries not only USG's execution of the Iraq invasion but the fact that it took place at all:
Many of the justifications offered by the Bush Administration for the war in Iraq have been proven untrue by credible studies, including by U.S. government agencies...The Administration knew most of these facts and risks before the war, and could have discovered the others, but instead it played down, concealed or misrepresented them.

In content, nothing new - a lowest common denominator approach required to get so many signatories, no doubt. And the conclusion is weak:
...we believe that a fundamental reassessment is in order. Significant improvements are needed in our strategy in Iraq and the implementation of that strategy. We call urgently for an open debate on how to achieve these ends, one informed by attention to the facts on the ground in Iraq, the facts of al-Qaida’s methods and strategies, and sober attention to American interests and values.

Nevertheless, it's something to wave about [1].

A pity, with so many experts addressing the same text, that they could not have spared a word for Kerry's policy on Iraq, in particular his heartwarming but implausible suggestion that his diplomatic diplomacy might secure worthwhile help from allies [2].

Some well-argued testimonials from disinterested experts sorely needed on this point - by me, at least!

(Around a couple of dozen earlier pieces here examining Kerry's foreign policy and personnel.)

  1. Unfortunate visions of Neville Chamberlain after Munich...

    I know none of these guys from Adam, to judge from the first few: it would have helped if a handful of headliners had been - well, headlined. Otherwise, it's a case of never mind the quality, feel the width.

  2. His NYU speech of September 20.

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