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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Sulzberger pines for Oz in Kansas

It's more of the usual in a speech at Kansas State by Arthur Sulzberger, friend of Judith Miller and Master of the Revels at the New York Times.

On the one hand, it's a-historical, golden-age-ist garbage, criticising today's pols for negative tactics and today's media (or sections of it) for partisan reporting: on the other, bar a mention of scapegoat Jayson Blair, no hint of recognition of the cesspit that is his own rag - the WMD, the rimming of the current administration, the shameless use of anonymous sources.

At the end, playing to the hometown crowd, he commends to them a quote from Alf Landon 1936 campaign book America at the Crossroads:
We are aware that we must make our own joint contributions to the solutions of the problems of our times. Each generation in turn has its own problems to solve for posterity. No age has escaped this inspiring responsibility. If such there were, then that would be an age of stagnation.

And continues in similar vein:
Alf Landon would have understood the moral and communication imperatives of this era as well as anyone, and he would have urged us all to become a little less fractious, a little less partisan, make a concerted effort to speak in a civil tongue, consider what is in everyone's best interest, and then to move forward. And that's excellent advice and I hope we have the wisdom to take it.

And they say George Bush is a dumbass!

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