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Saturday, September 18, 2004

Rathergate: Is Burkett the guy after all?

A little detail that the blogospherical triumphalists somehow missed: via the Kansas City Star today, citing the Houston Chronicle, I get to a piece from August 13 (which actually was a Friday!) on the site supposedly authored by none other than
Bill L. Burkett LTC (ret)

Air National Guard Commanding Officer

Beneath the striking headline: Lukasiak Study Proves Bush Was Legally AWOL one finds:
I have found no documentation from LTC Killian's hand or staff that indicate that this unit was involved in any complicit way to either cover for the failures of 1LT Bush, or to provide him pay or certification for training not completed. On the contrary, LTC Killians' remarks are rare, indeed, especially considering that 1LT Bush was known clearly as a congressman's son and had utilized his position as such, to gain a favor of his failure to train while in Alabama.

Burkett as liar or red herring or what?

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