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Friday, September 03, 2004

Oddities on Franken

Yesterday, the guy had on that Great White Hope, prospective House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Now, Pelosi must have done a few thousand interviews down the phone line in her time, but she came across as distinctly nervous.

Franken started off with a Home Run Derby-style pitch designed for her to knock out of the park: the sapphic veep daughter's non-appearance on the platform with the rest of the Cheney family. Pelosi decided to bunt: she feigned ignorance of the event on grounds of - to coin a phrase - other priorities.

Today, the regular contributor from the Center for American Progress, Christy Harvey, who does an excruciating sort of cross-talk act with Franken pulling out the plum USG lies du jour, revealed that she does not know how to say Moqtada al-Sadr. Franken corrected her, and she did not object [1].

  1. Since I don't speak any variety of Arabic, I'm loathe to lay down the law about the habits of baboons on the question: but if there was some justification for the way she pronounced the name - that she was using the Egyptian dialect, say - I'd have thought she would have pointed this out to Franken.

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