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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

November 3 - start of postseason play

As the GOTV battalions stand down, the legal eagles take to the skies. Florida 2000 goes nationwide!

For instance, the Boston Globe yesterday outlined the litigious possibilities opened up by the Colorado initiative (last looked at here on May 31) which would change the winner takes all basis of allocating its nine electoral votes to that of proportionate allocation.

The whole electoral college system is, of course, susceptible to buggeration - as discussed at length in 2000. The Globe piece mentions the 2000 proposal of some GOP leaders in the Florida legislature to send Republican electors to the college. There was much talk of faithless electors - the 156 of them to date detailed here.

For all the scope for litigation, important parts of the process seem akin to the Wild West: it seems that, at the margin, that great American trait, conformism, is the only thing preventing a constitutional quagmire.

Also in the Globe (September 16) a piece by Jeff Jacoby on how easy it is for an individual to vote in more that one state for US president. (Apparently, in 1996 he got an absentee ballot for his wife's cat.) To blame,
the National Voter Registration Act -- the 'Motor Voter Law'

A proper system of voter ID is opposed by - guess who?:
The NAACP and La Raza liken it to the poll tax that Southern states once used to keep blacks from voting. A Democratic Party official says that "ballot security" and "preventing voter fraud" are simply code for voter suppression.

When it comes to stealing elections, the Irving Berlin Principle applies: everybody's doing it.

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