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Friday, September 24, 2004

New York Times reviews reviewed

A 5,000 word review article by Scott Sherman in the Nation (Jayson Blair's effort is mentioned) takes a squint at the Grey Lady under Howell Raines (using Raines' long Atlantic Monthly piece, which is not online).

Sherman's credibility rather tarnished by his Pollyanna-ish treatment of ombud Daniel Okrent [1]. He seems to think that Okrent is actually making a difference:
"To open a window"--that's how Okrent has modestly defined his undertaking at the New York Times. The window is open, and gusts of fresh air are flowing in.

Like old Mikhail Gorbachev before him, Okrent gives us a touch of glasnost. But, on essential matters like the use of anonymous government sources, his success has been negligible.

And the kicker is gushing at its worst:
His columns differ in tone, texture and content, but each one contains a powerful message: New York Times--print the truth.

And we thought Dan Rather was deluded!

  1. Nice trivia, though, on the guy:
    he began his career as a book editor at Alfred A. Knopf in the 1960s. He created the magazine New England Monthly, after which he found comfort and security as an executive at Time Inc. He has written a nimble history of Rockefeller Center, Great Fortune; he competes in the annual national crossword championship; and he belongs to a dining club called "The Innard Circle," whose carnivorous members nibble on dishes made of heart, kidney, brains and lung.
    I was last on the Okrent kick on September 13 - he'd managed to upset Bob Somerby (not exactly a Herculean feat...) with his latest self-interview. Sherman calls an earlier effort of his in the genre cheeky.

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