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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

New York Times Magazine blogfest

Just to preserve a durable URL for Matthew Klam's Fear and Laptops on the Campaign Trail, in case...


I hadn't noticed the pics of the lovely Wonkette that go with the piece: the cover shot has her seated at her laptop with two old journos (one of them Johnny Apple) looking on bemused.

Previous newspaper photos of Ana Marie Cox [1] have tended to the boyishly casual: this time, the Times snappers have gone for something rather more glam and executive (the carrot-top turned auburn, lipstick a rather wicked red). (What does it say on the screen? How about: Gentlemen, you are now obsolete.)

Whether this is the message of the piece, I know not, not having read it yet. And AMC is scarcely a typical blogger. But, surprisingly, she does turn out to be cover material...

  1. The single n is puzzling: bureacratic typo, family name - or was it chosen as being Maori for cave?

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