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Thursday, September 23, 2004

Let's hear it for fluff!

Working a Note on, say, the Bush UN speech (as yesterday), with so much repetition as to make a spot the difference competition, so pleasant to turn to a bit of fluff like this from Hannah Rosin (who she?) from the Post. Run on C1 (which is Style, I think), under hed The Kerry Camp, Cautiously Giddy, it's the fan reaction to Kerry's NYU speech. Truly, it's morning in America for the Dems:
Timothy Paulson, political director of the New Democratic Majority, rushed up to Kerry as he walked in to tape the Letterman show and gave him his hand. "You're on the right track now, man," he told Kerry. "And he gave me the eye, like 'Are you saying I wasn't before?' "

Snappy come-backer, eh?

The tone is pretty Dem-positive - not every puff piece is a Jodi Wilgoren Kerry's butler! Would the sourpuss DEWDROPs acknowledge the fact? Is the Pope Jewish?

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