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Monday, September 27, 2004

Kerry: everyone's a critic...

JFK, playing Joe Sixpack, brings his entourage -
16-vehicle motorcade, led by a pair of motorcycles and including a chase ambulance
- into a bar a way west of Madison, WI,
bellied up to the bar
and got in a round, before settling down to a Packers game [1].

Near the TV could be seen a sign:
After listening to your every word with much attention and thorough consideration, one question remains: what's your point?

Your credibility being tested [2] in this case by ABC's Ed O'Keefe in the Note today.

  1. Lambeau, not Lambert, of course. Like Calais and Queen Mary...

  2. Search for the words in question on Google (Web, News, and Usenet) comes up a blank.

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