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Thursday, September 09, 2004

Kerry drops his script on Iraq - again

It is one of the most elementary fallacies to suppose that merely because a person is falsifiably wrong on many points, he is wrong in everything.

Most of the GOP flip-flop campaign against Kerry has been reaching-to-downright-lying. But on the most important issue of all - Iraq - their analogy fails only because flip-flop implies an alternation between two particular positions.

Whereas Kerry has been all over the place. It's not nuance; it's not changing views when the facts change. It's obfuscation motivated by fear.

Fear of alienating a slice of electorate perhaps (no data on this!) more likely than most to be in the undecided column: voters who supported the war against their better instincts, but now realise they were chumps not to have opposed it at the time. And the last thing they will appreciate is a guy who tells them they were chumps.

I haven't followed every twist and turn. But - for example - there was Kerry's insistence (August 10) that he would have authorised force (by voting for H JRes 114) even if he'd known there were no WMD.

The analogy escaped me then: if he asked Teresa (or Vanessa or Alex)
Honey, if you went into hospital and the oncologist said
  1. will you sign a consent for a biopsy and, if that's positive, a mastectomy; and

  2. in fact, we know there isn't actually any cancer there
would you sign the release?
he'd get a Cheney response.

Three seconds' thought is enough to spot the Grand Canyon-sized flaw in Kerry's argument. Apparently, no one that matters in the campaign had three seconds to spare.

The LA Times today under hed Kerry Says War Siphoning Billions From Home Front, has another Kerry verbal snafu. The line is that the Iraq invasion wasn't part of the war on terror, it was a distraction from the war on terror [1].

Yet apparently, in reference to the 1,000 American troops killed in Iraq,
Kerry said they had sacrificed their lives "on behalf of freedom in the war on terror."

The inevitable Stephanie Cutter
said the intent of Kerry's comment was to refer to the terrorism fostered by the U.S. occupation of Iraq.

Oy vey!

  1. I can't find this in quote marks from Kerry himself.


Jim VandeHei (September 8) blames Kerry's Grand Canyon mot on H JRes 114 for his August slide.

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