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Saturday, August 14, 2004

Venezuela votes tomorrow: USG favours Chávez?

The fun and games south of the border got crowded out by Bush-Kerry.

Pity. I pick up - entirely out of context - a piece in El Universal under hed Secuestran máquinas de votación, saying that troops have control of Smartmatic (!) voting machines due to be used for Sunday's referendum, against the assurances given by the head of the Consejo Nacional Electoral which is responsible for running the thing.

A Chávez shenanigan? No idea.

Meanwhile, the BBC Spanish Service's woman in DC is suggesting that USG and US business are keeping their fingers crossed for a Chávez win, with Contra boys like Roger Noriega keeping shtum not to avoid queering the right-wing's pitch (as happened in Bolivia) but because USG fears that the opposition are completely unprepared for government. There's not even an agreed candidate.

John Kerry, back on March 19, issued a statement on the referendum distinctly hostile in tone towards Chávez - much to the disgust of some DEWDROPs with Sandanista hankerings. Now - if the theory is correct - he finds himself kinda-sorta outflanked on the left by 'Fidel' Bush!

It's a funny old world...

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