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Thursday, August 12, 2004

Sleazoid Moore and the Pantagraph pantomime

Much to my amazement (Not), the DEWDROPs fell to lapping up the offering of Michael Moore as a mirage that proved to be a real oasis.

Instead of rejoicing in having on their side a liar as brazen and unapologetic as any of the Bush hacks, liberals persisted in lauding Moore as a purveyor of truth. Even, as I recall, the author of the Lying Liars tome rimmed the fat fraud with some enthusiasm.

You'd have thought that, what with all that mythical Iraqi WMD, looming disaster in Iraq and Afghanistan, a highly selective recovery and so on as targets, supporters of a change of regime would rather have stepped over the putrescence that is the Moore Fabulism Factory.

Oh no. Last time on Moore (August 8), I suggested that only an analysis that incorporated the grammar of film - requiring shot-by-shot study of the DVD - would get to the bottom of the deceit. But here's a nice hors d'oeuvre in a piece from the gloriously named Bloomington Pantagraph (truly, only in America!):
the headline ("Latest Florida recount shows Gore won election") that originally appeared above a Dec. 5, 2001, letter to the editor was altered in both the font and size of the type for the movie and made to look like a news story from a Dec. 19, 2001, edition of The Pantagraph.

Now, I'm no expert; but, isn't altering the date on a document generally counted as forgery?

The DEWDROPs could reply that it's a mere matter of means and ends: Moore excites the base like no one else (certainly vastly more than JFK!), and who but the base will be doing the get-out-the-vote grunt work on November 2? Just so long as they don't serve a side-order of sanctimony with that, that's all...

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