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Friday, August 06, 2004

Media kow-tow redirected from Bush to Kerry?

That's the theory of National Journal's Vaughn Ververs today, under the hed Blame The Messenger.

After three years of abject toadyism as a willing integral part of the warmonger's lie machine, the leading organs found the scales lifted from their eyes - Ververs mentions the New York Times kinda-apology (May 26) (given after it swore it never would (March 28)) - and are consumed with guilt at their complicity in the Iraq invasion.

Of course, if they were really contrite, they could abandon the noxious practices that so assisted in their Iraq misfeasance: anonymous quotes from government spokesmen, for instance.

Never going to happen. Instead, they salve their consciences by switching their fawning to the Kerry camp:
The result has been an avalanche of negative coverage for the administration and, in many cases, an easy ride for the Democratic ticket. The Times saw fit to run 20-some straight front-page stories on the Iraqi prison scandal, even on days when there was little or no actual news. Doom and gloom coverage throughout the press raised many a doubt about the handover of power to an interim Iraqi government.

From Iraq to the economy, Bush was buffeted by bad news -- and worse headlines.

None of the news was fabricated or made up in any way. These weren't hit pieces on the president. But the way in which they were played signaled that the media would give the administration no more free passes.

Instead of answers to how Kerry expects to lure international troops into Iraq, how he'll pay for his many promises and cut the deficit in half in one term or even whether he believes the war to be a mistake, about all we learned through the media was that he is a Vietnam vet.

What is lacking here is any sort of quantitative study of the Susan Moeller variety. With that, it remains just an interesting hypothesis.

(There is a further reason for a switch to favouring Kerry: the media are bored with Bush, and want a new menagerie to gawp at. I'm fairly sure I've seen in responses to the E&P piece on Bias Wars which raised this as a consideration.)

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