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Sunday, August 08, 2004

Lefty England has no time for Fahrenheit 9/11

Anecdotal evidence only: someone really needs seriously to hit Nexis to do better. But I get the distinct impression that the chattering classes, who tend to be soft-left and up for any multi-culti do-goodery going, have Michael Moore's number.

These are the same people - whose spiritual home is the Baghdad Broadcasting Corporation - whose derision at George Bush was, before 9/11, unrestrained; who were split, over Iraq, between the Bomb for Jesus liberal imperialism of Tony Blair and the more comfortable opposition tp British poode-ling to an American adventure.

The flick got panned on the middle-brow Radio 4 Saturday Review - and, in a run-down of the top ten films in the film review slot of the bloke-ish Radio 5 on Friday, the reviewer agreed that the the flick was watchable but one couldn't believe anything in it.

And, in the Observer today, one of the chatterers, David Aaronovitch talks about
the case of Michael Moore, where the rules of reality-show entertainment are applied to the public realm.

(Having yet to see the flick, I abstain from comment on the substance. Dave Kopel's 59 Deceits I note for future reference. Kopel's piece, for all that it runs to 27,000 words, doesn't seem much to deal with the flick as a film - looking at, for example, the use of low angle and high angle shots, cutaways, all that jazz.

For which one really needs the flick digitised before one's very eyes. I see that the copies available for downloading are heavy MPEGs: what would be great is a copy in a Real format, compressed to, say, 300 Kbps - an MPEG and a Real file of the same footage compressed to the same Kpbs will inevitably look better in the Real version. Hate the spyware, love the result...)

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