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Saturday, August 07, 2004

Kerry Shreddergate: October Surprise, anyone?

The story of the alleged misfeasance of John Kerry as chairman of the Senate Select Committee on POW/ MIA Affairs - including shredding of documents - has not moved on an inch since last we left it [1]. The journo who's run with the story more or less since the start, Sydney Schanberg, found himself talking in a positively anechoic chamber. Not a single hack has followed up on the story since last we were here [2].

Since then, as the Conventional Wisdom now seems to have it, there has been a sea-change in media attitudes, from Bush catamite to Kerry booster, based on guilt over aiding and abetting the war and the professional requirement for new names and material to fill the news-hole [3].

It is, if the CW is right, all the less likely that any media outlet of note would give house-room to a story which, if generally accepted as true, would strike a mortal blow against Kerry's candidacy.

Because (supposing the story to be true) the fix arranged by Kerry was evidently by arrangement with, and for the benefit of, Republicans as well as Democrats, neither party would have any interest in raising it.

Which, I suppose, leaves Ralph Nader. Oh, dear...

  1. Pieces on February 25, March 6 and March 7.

  2. The rather sad list of press pieces on the site of POW/ MIA Families Against John Kerry rather confirms this.

  3. This, at any rate, the suggestion canvassed here on August 5.

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