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Thursday, August 26, 2004

Kerry, the resolution and the war - Rubin retracts

As if the waters weren't muddy enough already [1], Rubin, one of the multitudes contained by the Kerry campaign foreign affairs operation, told the Post (August 8, A4) that
Kerry still would have voted to authorize the war and "in all probability" would have launched a military attack to oust Hussein by now if he were president

Now, Rubin has recanted (Post August 25 A8)
"To the extent that my own comments have contributed to misunderstanding on this issue. . . . I never should have said the phrase 'in all probability' because that's not Kerry's position and he's never said it," Rubin said in a statement. "That was my mistake."

Is that a fair ellipsis? Can't tell because Rubin's statement is not on the Kerry press release page!

As the quote stands, the to the extent that condition qualifying the main clause either
  1. makes no sense; or

  2. has Rubin saying, the August 7 statement would have been fine if no one had noticed the discrepancy with Kerry's own line.

And why has it taken three weeks for the recantation to take place?

One can only assume that Kerry wishes to obfuscate at the risk of feeing the indecisiveness meme, for fearing of finding something worse.

  1. Previous pieces here on Kerry and H JRes 114 (the resolution giving war powers to Bush over Iraq) on August 3, August 5 and August 10.

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