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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Judith Miller still reporting Chalabi-related stories

As spotted by Josh Marshall, the enthusiastic and - it seemed - indefatigable purveyor of Ahmed Chalabi's Iraqi fairy-tales (the Brothers Grimm were slackers by comparison!) is still keeping in touch.

This time, it's the Oil for Food Programme, and the charge, notably against one Benon Sevan, a UN bureaucrat formerly in charge of the programme, that UN officials had been bribed by Saddam. A charge made, it seems, by Chalabi's Iraqi National Congress.

Neither Chalabi nor the INC are namechecked in Miller's piece [1] (hed: Bribery Inquiry Needs a Year, Its Chief Says).

The jury questions relating to the scandal interest be not a whit; the piece noted for future reference as a possible further entry on Miller's charge-sheet. (As if it's not long enough without.)

  1. The gizmo does not work on the URL. As always, back-ups may be available (February 20).

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