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Friday, August 13, 2004

Judith Miller gets to do jail time after all?

Schadenfreude alert!

Let us always bear in mind that Miller, professionally and (saith Franklin Foer (June 1)) personally odious, was not responsible for the tidal wave of USG propaganda that filled the New York Times's columns for dozens of months on non-existent Iraqi WMD. That would be publisher Arthur Sulzberger, Jr and editors like Bill Keller, who stood so vehemently and so long behind Miller not for reasons of chivalry, but to protect their Scapegoat No 1 until her hour of greatest usefulness.

On the other hand - the fact that Miller has been subpoenaed in the Valerie Plame-Robert Novak business [1] can't help but lighten the step just a millimetre or two.

As I've said before (August 10), on journalists' right to protect their sources, I suspect neither USG nor the media will want to go there - go to the Supreme Court, at least. For fear that, after handing down a whole store-ful of fudges, the Court might choose this case on which to decide to rule decisively for or against.

The sensible thing would be for the whole matter to be continued till next January 21. Whether the incumbent then is Bush or Kerry, the whole matter will seem like ancient history; and a self-righteous First Amendment TV movie will appear in no one's interest.

Is the fact that both judge and prosecutor seem to be getting such a hurry-on with the case imply a frantic search on their part for their fifteen minutes before the moment passes?

  1. No gizmo link, again.

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