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Thursday, August 12, 2004

He did say he'd be back, but...

Of some interest that the opening monologue over at the Note yesterday was joining others in saying (wrapped up in the usual monkey-shines) that the election was Kerry's to lose.

Of more interest, perhaps, that, in the 'serious' segment of the piece, it links a Judy Keen piece at USA Today glorying in a hed and dek The Arnold factor: The Calif. governor has clout to help Bush win votes, if only the two can set aside their differences

Now, in Britain, there is a decades-old tradition that, in the dog-days of August, that fortnight when jackets can safely be left off without fear of pneumonia, papers are wont - nay, entitled! - to lower their standards [1] and print any sort of wacko nonsense and call it news.

I get the feeling that Keen wasn't, well, keen, to be assigned 1,500 words to consider the possibility that Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger might use his 65% approval rate to lever Bush home in California - against a current 11 point Kerry lead [2]!

The list of drawbacks to the brilliant plan - personal George-Arnie antipathy, Bush's terrible policy fit with Golden State voters, lack of BC04 effort in the state - is considerable.

She speaks, perhaps, through her kicker, from Mark Baldassare of the Public Policy Institute of California:
Schwarzenegger has governed as an independent, as an outsider. His appeal to voters outside his party comes from saying, 'I'm not part of the establishment.' Bush is part of that establishment.

Another Adventure in Drutherland. Only - well, if the miracle happens, what price that little constitutional amendment Arnie's been hankering for?

  1. Objectivists Stateside may (and with some justice in this case) object with Dorothy Parker, How can they tell?

  2. Field Poll August 4 - state-by-state list of current polls (XLS) from Electoral Vote Predictor.

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