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Monday, August 09, 2004

Getler loses it on DNC

Compared with his New York Times colleague, Daniel Okrent, Washington Post ombud Michael Getler usually comes across as rather closer to reality [1].

But yesterday, he produces a boilerplate Why, Oh Why on the network (lack of) coverage of the Democratic Convention. How is that germane to his ombud remit, you ask? Because
On July 30 ABC News President David Westin delivered a response to critics who disparaged
the coverage. And Post readers wrote in attacking Westin. And Getler grants himself certiorari to agree with them.

I know it's August and Getler fervently wishes he was an aoƻtien like Okrent - but really...

Dems, here's the deal: make the DNC live again, and it'll get coverage. Screw with the rules to make sure the candidate only wins on the 20th ballot, you'll get coverage. Play it safe with the victory parade, and what do you expect?

Now, Okrent, if he were on the clock, might just say something as wacky as that...

  1. Okrent's truly bizarre Is The New York Times a Liberal Newspaper? of July 25 left me speechless.

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