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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

An even longer suicide note?

It was the obnoxious Labour MP Gerald Kaufman who referred to his party's 1983 election manifesto as
the longest suicide note in history

John Kerry (or rather, Kerry's hacks) have cobbled together a sort of platform plus - 250 odd pages under the title Our Plan for America - which is certainly much longer [1].

The cover photo is worth parsing: normally, the ticket side by side would evoke the response (in British English translation) I don't like the look of yours. Not quite Beauty and the Beast, but a way along that road.

In the pic, we have Kerry (frame right), a nauseating white-on-puce tie against his white shirt, offering a clenched first gesture [2], accompanied by a truly ghastly, painted-on smile. Such humiliation for a guy married to billions!

Beside him is worse: Edwards, who generally takes quite a pleasing photo, has his face contorted into an ever more artificial rictus than his partner. His thumb is up, and turquoise tie thankfully mostly cropped out of frame.

Now, as I understand it, the party platform is rather an orphan document: a candidate has plausible deniability for any proposal in it that he doesn't care for. But OPFA is presented as all KE04's own work. (Half of it is proposals, half extracts from the candidates' speeches.)

Why crown such an achievement with such a ghastly snap on the cover?

The contents I'll take under advisement. But it's worth recalling the sage advice of Yes Minister writer Anthony Jay (March 13 2003) that the more one's opponent writes on his positions, the more ammunition he provides.

  1. Available online gratis.

  2. A salute to Marx? or Black Power? Either way, it looks like a nice rich white boy slumming.

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