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Saturday, August 14, 2004

Cecile Dubois is back on the clock

[Search the blog on dubois for earlier pieces on CD.]

Miss Dubois has happily returned from a July spent in summer camp (in Minnesota, if I recall aright) learning Russian. I had wondered whether, given the passionate nature of the language [1], being sequestered well away from home amongst contemporaries, and the effect of raging hormones, she might have rejected blogging, and taken up poetry, and a lover or two.

Of poetry and lovers, there is no evidence, yet; but the blogging has thankfully resumed, and in fine style. Miss Dubois' inimitable style, that is.

A sample - do not eat or drink while reading! - from a piece on doings at the camp entitled Embarrassing Events:
There was an awkward girl who always slurped with her spoon, wore a very tight 'Cookie Monster' shirt, and asked people if she could eat their leftovers. On a supposedly 'serious' talent show, she sang a song in Serbian about a girl who does indiscreet things to herself in the bathrub, I mean bathtub. This girl could sing in tune, but because she was nervous and she did not like many of the people there, she squeaked her song out for five unbearable minutes. Now this is something you expect to see in a Christopher Gest (who makes mockumentaries like 'Spinal Tap' or 'Best in Show') film. I was sort of friendly with the girl but I did not like to have her follow me everywhere and shout my first name like I was her holy saviour every time we saw each other in the small camp, which was at least ten times a day...

I'm a little concerned to read in an earlier piece that she's to take a class in journalism in the coming school year:
Hopefully, I will be news editor, assigning news stories, and organizing the news section, compared to the fluffy features page, which I am not interested in.

I'm afraid that exposure to the demands of hard news might result in a more homogenised style in her blog pieces.

Soon enough, I suspect she'll be fluent in MLA-ese or Beltway boilerplate, and her blog-style will have gone the way of Aequian or Aghwan.

Ergo, carpe diem...

(Apparently, the mere thought of things Russian breeds lugubriousness!)

  1. Not that I know the language: I infer from hearing it spoken, and from the little of the literature I've read (in translation).

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