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Saturday, August 14, 2004

California 2-1 for weakening three strikes

The Evil Empire of Mike Jimenez and his California Correctional Peace Officers Association looks set to take a big loss: a new Field Poll [1] has 70% of Golden State voters in favour of Proposition 66 [2], according to the San Francisco Chronicle today.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, for reasons that escape me, is opposing; the Democratic Party's Rapists' Friend Attorney-General Bill Lockyer [3] also - that doesn't surprise me in the least.

However - nota bene -
Almost 4 in 5 -- 78 percent -- said the politicians' point of view would have no effect on their vote.

California is on the march! Yeaaaarrrrgh!

Surely a sign to the DEWDROPs' man John Kerry that his present penal policy may be unnecessarily cautious? First stop: declare victory in the War on Drugs, domestic and foreign, and move on. To coin a phrase...

  1. That's the name of the poll - like Gallup Poll.

  2. Which I'd mentioned, though not by name, at the end of a piece (April 18) on Proposition 36, a measure passed in 2000 to favour treatment over incarceration for a range of narcotics offences.

  3. I'd have to check - but I'm fairly certain he's a pretty close friend of the CCPOA, too.


A useful page on Prop 66 from UCB explains the proposal, and links various press articles and sites of pro and anti lobby groups.

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