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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Base ingratitude for Bush Israel kow-tow

Of all the mottos one might attribute to the Bush Administration, Dignity, always dignity is certainly not one of them: the Powell UN presentation on February 5 2003 would be proof enough, without resorting to pet goats.

It has consistently excelled itself in its fawning relationship with Sharon and his unstable band of confederates. Not for nothing is Alastair Horne's Savage War of Peace famously one of Sharon's favourite books [1]: just as the French state was Algerianised - hi-jacked by the insurrectionary threat from the pied noirs - during the war of 1954-62, so the US, to a significant, though clearly much more limited, extent, has been Israeli-ised by a succession of US presidents, but, most enthusiastically, by Bush.

And the reward Bush was seeking? In the longer term, Israel as a sort of viceroy in the PNAC Middle East empire of Uncle Sam's satraps - democratic, but not too democratic. But a bump in Bush's share of the Jewish vote too, surely?

According to a poll for the National Jewish Democratic Council (that is, Democratic in the partisan sense [2]), he has made no progress whatsoever.
Senator Kerry leads President Bush by a margin of 75 percent to 22 percent. Senator Kerry's lead is as strong as the American Jewish vote was in 2000 for then-Vice President Gore over then-Governor Bush; respondents voted in 2000 for Gore over Bush by a margin of 76 percent to 21 percent.

Thanks to Bush, Sharon has the cleanest sphincter in the hemisphere - and the shmuck has jack to show for it!

And for good reason: a substantial tranche of Jewish voters are the equivalent of Jim Crow liberals: they like the idea of helping Sharon to bash the arabush, but, at home, they're New Dealers.

In principle, there should be a trade-off: voting Democratic, they get a president who suits their book on domestic policy, but leaves something to be desired in his support for Israel against the Palestinians.

But, with Kerry, there's no such conflict: sugar coating aside, Kerry's policy is Bush's. And the Jewish lobby seems well pleased with Kerry's performance on the issue (July 20).

Do I hear the faintest sound of a vox clamantis in deserto? Could it be old James Baker with that classic, Fuck the Jews, they never vote for us anyway...

  1. The Algerian war is another example of temporary military success and ultimate political failure against a terror campaign. If I understand it aright, Sharon thinks he can learn from the mistakes of the French in waging such a war - though French commanders notoriously enjoyed a carte blanche that Sharon has not even sought from the Americans - yet.

    The French problem was an unwillingness to do what would have been necessary to obtain a military victory: killing millions of natives. The fact that the pieds noirs expected metropolitan troops to do their killing for them also did not help.

    Short of killing millions, there was never was a possibility of French military victory in Algeria; but the political power of the pieds noirs was such that the French state had to demonstrate this the hard way.

  2. Naturally, the GOP suggest the poll is - not entirely kosher.

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