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Saturday, July 24, 2004

You cannot thread a moving needle - history of rape law

An excellent, well-footnoted 30,000 word history of rape law [1] in England and Canada by Bruce MacFarlane, QC.

(It's the sort of material that current net searching gizmos are terribly bad at finding; for instance, history as a search word is confounded by the term of art sexual history. You can - with Google, at least - use the minus sign - -"sexual history" - to cut down on the noise; but doing so would exclude the MacFarlane paper as well!)

The moving needle proverb is in the text to footnote 67; no reference is given for it in the piece, nor elsewhere online, that I can trace.

  1. Also in a PDF file - but set in the ghastly ubiquitous so-called Times New Roman that does to online typography what cane-toads have done to Queensland.

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