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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Sharon's Frog-bashing gets its reward Stateside

As I've mentioned here many a time and oft, the purpose of the rabid vilification of European countries as pullulating with anti-semites is not to affect those countries (to the populations of which the falsity of the claims made is apparent) but to make it a guaranteed bad career move for American pols, journos, academics and the like to express dissent about GOI policy towards Palestine and its neighbours or the effect of Israeli interests on US policy.

So, when the Fat Man tells French Jews
Move to Israel as early as possible. That's what I say to Jews all around the world but there [France] I think it's a must. They have to move immediately.
and talks about (AP) there being
the wildest anti-Semitism
in France, he's not looking to win friends and influence people amongst the cheese-eaters [1], but to maintain regularity [2] throughout the Jewish State's indispensable ally.

That Chirac should take umbrage is scarcely surprising; but a transpondian Little Sir Echo thinks otherwise, according to the AP piece:
Malcolm Hoenlein, director of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, said in an interview with The Associated Press that Chirac's comments Monday could actually lead to more anti-Semitism.

Sharon, according to this theory, has established a virtuous circle [3]: the more he complains, the more Chirac reacts, the more the French anti-semites will attack!

Hoenlein's comments carry their own meta-warning to potential dissenters in the US: clearly, the fact (if it is one) that such arrant bollocks is allowed to pass unchallenged goes to show the degree of timidity amongst the chattering classes on the subject. The silence is deafening.

  1. Even French Jewish organisations reject his ravings - at least, according to the Baghdad Broadcasting Company.

  2. In the sense known to Tammany.

  3. Virtuous, that is, as being productive in his propaganda effort.

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