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Sunday, July 25, 2004

Mother of Mercy! Is this the end of the Dems?

Matt Bai has an 8,000 word piece today in the NYT Magazine under the hed Wiring the Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy on Soros,, the Dean explosion (not that one) and all that jazz.

At the end, he canvasses the possibility that, with all this Mo (and money) outside the steam-age Democratic Party machinery, perhaps a White House-winning third party is on the cards. And wheels in Harold Ickes for the kicker:
''When you go out and talk to them, people are much more interested in something like than in the Democratic Party,'' Ickes said. ''It has cachet. There is no cachet in the Democratic Party.

'...If they continue with their cachet and really interest people and focus their people on candidates -- boy, that's a lot of leverage. No party can do that. And what the political ramifications of that are -- '' Ickes's voice trailed off. He shrugged. ''Who knows?''

Just a bit of fun, probably. We know [1] that magazine types are allowed the sort of leeway that hard news journos are not (sez Keller & Co). The piece really mentioned here only to save the URL for posterity. Just in case.

(I hadn't realised that Ickes was the son - rather than some more distant relative - of the Harold Ickes, FDR's Interior Secretary. Ickes Jr was born when his father was 65!)

  1. From the Peter Landesman sex slaves article farrago - several pieces here earlier this year.

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