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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

More lynching stuff

The last flurry of interest in the subject here followed the Essie Mae Washington/Carrie Butler/Strom Thurmond business [1].

Now, searching on the Lexington story (June 5) throws up one or two promising-looking URLs:

  • on lynching statistics, this, this, this and this.

  • a paper Can Racial Stigma Explains Black Lynchings, which uses quantitative methods to suggest that narrowing economic differentials between the races explains the waxing and waning of lynchings.

  • a 1900 piece Lynch Law in America by Ida B Wells.

  • a different analysis of lynching: The Southern Rite of Human Sacrifice (plus notes).

  • a publisher's notice for a 1996 book Racial Violence in Kentucky, 1865-1940.

  • an interview with Walter White on lynching [2].

  1. Thurmond's own connection with lynching (January 20), and the Fire in a Canebrake (January 2) and Duck Hill (December 20) lynchings.

  2. White was NAACP Executive Secretary, author of the lynching classic 1929 Rope and Faggot - in the research for which his ability to pass was crucial; he divorced his first (Negro) bride, Gladys Powell, in 1947, and married a white woman, South African Poppy Cannon, in 1949.

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