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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Kerry: Jewish lobby seem pretty satisfied...

On April 16, I mentioned the surprisingly warm regard in which AIPAC held John Kerry.

A long JTA piece (July 19) gives little sign of any cooling-off of the Jewish lobby's feelings in the intervening months.

For instance, former AIPAC president Steve Grossman is quoted as saying
You’ll see Kerry doing extraordinarily well among Jewish voters on election day.

Compare a sceptical Abraham Foxman of the ADL:
Kerry has matched the rhetoric of Bush on all the issues...Now it’s a question of trust...Kerry still needs an opportunity.

There is apparently disquiet at Kerry's expressed intention to take an active role in relation to the Israel/Palestine question; but this eagerness is evidently not taken too seriously by some.

It's of interest that, according to the piece, the Kerry campaign issued talking-points for activists to use amongst American Jewry which
expressed support for Israel’s policy of targeting terrorist leaders for assassination, a practice Bush administration spokesmen have said is unhelpful.

Has the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party been informed, I wonder?

And Grossman apparently said that
Cameron Kerry, who converted to Judaism 20 years ago...would be the “Bobby Kennedy” in a Kerry administration.

Wasn't RFK a member of the Cabinet?

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