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Thursday, July 22, 2004

General Gordon rides again! (Or might do...)

Just listening to the BBC's World at One to receive further evidence of Blair megalomania.

In my piece earlier today, I included a quote mentioning Darfur as illustrating the farther shores of lunacy with which John Kerry and the Kerrymen seemed to be dabbling, but surely would never reach.

Now, today, in his monthly presser, Blair is, it seems, not ruling out an invasion of the Sudan by UK forces. And the worthless so-called Opposition seem set to support such an adventure, as they supinely supported the Iraq invasion, to their great political damage.

(A foretaste.)

Problem is, Blair dabbled in the Cecil Rhodes pond in saving Sierra Leone, and failed to get his hand bitten off. So now he's the White Messiah, Prester Tony, able to fertilise the soil of Africa with the blood released by a few British full metal jackets - if they can get those damned SA-80 rifles to fire, of course.

Even Richard the Lion-Heart only managed the one Crusade during his time in office: Tony the Tiger is looking for two.

The solution: persuade Tony that his mission on earth requires that he go in with his men; 'adjust' his parachute; allow oneself a wry smile and the satisfaction of a job well done.


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