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Sunday, July 25, 2004

And now for Darfur?

An interesting new readers start here piece in the London Observer today.

To judge from the piece, it's no white hat/black hat affair:
Characterising the Darfur war as 'Arabs' versus 'Africans' obscures the reality. Darfur's Arabs are black, indigenous, African and Muslim - just like Darfur's non-Arabs, who hail from the Fur, Masalit, Zaghawa and a dozen smaller tribes.

It has the verisimilitude of complexity, at the very least.

And has some kicker:
The immediate life and death needs of Darfur's people cannot wait for these negotiations to mature. A British brigade could make a formidable difference to the situation.

We learn only at the end of the piece that the writer is from the NGO Justice Africa. Naturally, he's lobbying.

Far worse, we have Chief of the General Staff Sir Mike Jackson saying
I suspect we could put a brigade together very quickly indeed.

There was a sage motto in the army, I thought: Never volunteer. Jackson's tone is reminiscent of those in August 1914 who feared that the war would be over before they had a chance to get to the front.

Khartoum, naturally enough, is not issuing invitations...


And John Kerry? In his July 15 speech to the NAACP, he called it genocide and said
The United States must lead the UN Security Council in...authorizing an international humanitarian intervention.

Pre-emption with coalition once again (July 22).

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