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Thursday, July 08, 2004

American Francophobia codified

Some amusement to be found in the USG pamphlet 112 Gripes about the French [1].

A taster in Gripe #5:
5. "I'll never love the French..” “I hate the French!"

You don't have to love the French. You don't have to hate them either. You might try to understand them.

This is not, you'll understand, any work of the current administration; I'd place it as early 1945 (there's a reference to billeting US forces in Strasbourg, which was liberated on November 23 1944 - by the French Second Armoured Division, following a relentless assault on all fronts by General de Gaulle - Eisenhower a model of American diplomacy on the point!).

  1. Available at the Blackmask etext site - which is well worth a mooch round; the selection is eclectic, mostly in English, and conveniently available in zipped HTML (low byteage compared with either Million Books Project or Gallica, nicer presentation than the text of Project Gutenberg).

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