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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Wonkette takes a nice photo at last!

The LA Times piece is kind of blah.

But it has by far the best snap of Ana Marie Cox that I've seen: she's looking pensively at her PowerBook (love the product placement, BTW!) - very Bryn Mawr sophomore. (I'm imagining!) And the colours seem to have been leeched - so the carrot-top is muted [1].

Unfortunately, the byteage is pitiful - around 5 KB - and, of course, the photo will disappear behind the pay-wall after a week.

[Link via Howard Bashman - I was looking for the abortion case, of course...]

  1. Britons of a certain age would think Belisha beacon - and then correct themselves for being so unkind!


I've finally thought of what the pic reminded me of: a weekly British publication called Country Life - which, when I took notice of it years ago, was split between adverts for country houses in the first half of the mag, and, in the rest, articles directed to the landed gentry on matters of interest (blood sports, antiques, etc) on which the peasants were permitted to gaze in awe.

Between these two sections, one got a full-page photo of a deb - or debutante - a young, single woman (girl, in the vernacular) of the aristocracy, gentry, or - and here I confess ignorance - other acceptable families. (I don't think moolah alone could buy your daughter an appearance in this prestigious slot.)

Cox, looking wistful, WASP-y and nineteen: yummy!

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