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Thursday, June 03, 2004

Wonkette a tad pissy about Alex Polier's tell-all?

In this piece, she quotes, apparently with a measure of approbation, the 'edited' email of an anonymouse
who claims to have gone to school with Ms. Polier
who bitches without wit but some sense of payback about the defects of Polier's New York article (I discussed yesterday).

In a town where the Judith Miller oeuvre was for a long time the object of genuflection, Polier's article is hardly scraping the journalistic barrel. It doesn't measure up to the standard of objective journalism - but, needless to say, I find that altogether to its credit.

If it's all honest injun true, Alex is clearly something of an idiot: but I'm inclined to assume a liberal proportion of stretchers - airbrushing is standard on magazine covers - perhaps even of la Polier's own New York cover - and readers would not, I suspect, be surprised to learn that the prose inside gets something of the same treatment.

(On the magazines are different question, regular readers may recall the controversy over the Peter Landesman sex slaves article The Girls Next Door in the New York Times Magazine. The essential charge against Landesman was fabulism; ombud Daniel Okrent seemed to apply a laxer standard, because Landesman's was a magazine, rather than a news, piece [1].

I can't imagine that Polier's article has done much towards realising her desire to become a foreign correspondent - one shudders at the wars she could start (or, at least, the Alex character in her article could - John Boot of Scoop would scarcely be in it!). But there are other fields of endeavour for a writer.

Perhaps Nick Denton might give her a job...

  1. My discussion of Okrent's 'ruling' on February 29 - search on landesman for several other Plawg pieces on the subject - it was a whole big thing...

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