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Friday, June 18, 2004

Why no Sonia Colín to goose the Hispanic media this time?

Sonia Colín? Who does she play for?

Campaign Desk is lamenting the failure of both the Bush and Kerry campaigns to engage with the Spanish-language media. Thomas Lang compares 2004 with 2000, when the Bush campaign was, it seems, streets ahead of Gore's thanks to the efforts of Sra Colín,
a Mexico City native, who worked as a producer, reporter, and news anchor with both Univision and Telemundo in San Antonio, Texas. After she had covered Bush for years while he served as governor of Texas, he asked her to join his presidential campaign in September 1999 as the Hispanic spokeswoman and coordinator.

After working wonders in 2000 [1], what is she doing this time? Lang says
Colin is in Mexico City, writing a book.

Cursory search suggests she has been active in PR in the US since 2000, working for a WDLP-Miami, speaking engagements, etc [2]. Given the uniqueness of her work for Bush's first presidential campaign, it's surprising he wasn't able to motivate her to delay her book to come help him out [3].

No one is indispensable, though; and the effort from both campaigns this time is poor, it seems. One suggestion is that most states with large Hispanic populations are safe for one or other of the candidates [4]. Another, that BC04, at least, is concentrating on paid advertising, rather than free media. (The Kerry campaign failed to respond to an email on the subject, Lang says.)

Further speculation fruitless: but I'd be interested in some insight into the campaigns' thought processes on the point.

  1. Reprint of a 2000 WSJ article on Spanish-language TV's Dan Rather, Jorge Ramos and the campaign.

  2. URL dump: this, this, this, this, this and this.

  3. Lang says Colín
    was not invited to join the Bush White House.
    Apparently, she worked for a while as Special Assistant in the HUD Office of Public Affairs - press releases January and July 2002.

    My curiosity is somewhat piqued: what happened with Colin and the Bushies after she did such a bang-up job for them? Why did she take such a lowly position (is it?) at HUD? Actual journalism required to make any headway in finding answers, I suspect.

  4. I generally steer clear of campaign psephology; but, comparing a list of battleground states with a 1999 list of states by Hispanic residents (how many registrable?), FL, NJ, NV, WA, PA, NM are all tight races with significant - in absolute or relative weight - numbers of Hispanics.

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