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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Whatever happened to the House ethics truce story?

After the initial flurry of activity following Rep Chris Bell's complaint to the House Standards Committee about certain activities of Majority Leader Tom DeLay (June 23), I did a little mooching around the subject in search of some House Ethics 101 paper in which the history of the last couple of decades were neatly set out and analysed. No sich animule.

Such variegated characters as Dan Rostenkowski, Jim Wright and Newt Gingrich fill out the cast list; but sorting the story out was clearly going to be a job of work. So the caravan has moved on.

Referring to the Poor Man's Nexis for "ethics truce" out of curiosity, I see the only piece noted since June 23 is a diatribe from Rep John Carter, DeLay's colleague from the 31st District.

Now, the rules of the media game require that a story does not remain news unless elected representatives keep saying stuff about it. And, evidently, the Democratic leadership (Oxymoron Corner!), Comstock Nancy Pelosi and all, have been keeping mum, rather than acting as Ikettes for Bell.

Skeletons in the Dem cupboard? Surely not...

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