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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Warmongering in Congress over North Korea?

Before the Iraq invasion, we got the Iraq Liberation Act - signed by Clinton in 1998. We have a similar act for Syria.

And now North Korea. A cast list of the North Korea hawks and their activities in Congress comes from Better Angels; also links to expert commentary on the issue.

We have S 1903 from Sam Brownback and HR 4011 from James Leach. S1903 hasn't moved since being referred to the Judiciary Committee on November 20 2003; HR4011 has already been reported out by the International Relations Committee, referred to Judiciary where it has an extension to July 6 for consideration.

No indication whether either house has put similar measures to a vote, or, if so, with what result. And time is tight - even with a lame duck session; but, as with FCC censorship (June 26), the threat of riders persists.

As I understand it - and, no doubt, to oversimplify - the thrust of the bills is provocation: we get in the Dear Leader's face - by propaganda broadcasting, encouraging refugees to leave, etc - and he overreacts, thus providing us with a casus belli. Boom goes Pyongyang - although the fact that Seoul will inevitably have gone boom beforehand means the South Koreans are less than keen on the project.

One to watch, clearly.

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