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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Venezuela referendum: if Chávez loses, it's elections

When I last looked at the referendum (May 31), the big question was the date the recall referendum would be held: if before the cut-off date, there would be fresh elections, if after, the Vice President would take over.

That date was August 19. And now the Consejo Nacional Electoral has decided the recall will take place on...August 15! Phew...

In fact, according to El Universal of Caracas (June 8), it seems that the CNE agreed that, whatever the actual date, August 15 would be deemed to be the date for constitutional purposes [1].

The piece also says that automated voting will be used in the referendum. The notorious Diebold has a Venezuelan subsidiary, but, I infer from a Caracas Chronicles piece, they are not involved in the referendum. Clearly, it's going to be an issue...

Chávez, unsurprisingly, is in combative mood. Another Universal piece says he spoke to his people in a lunchtime TV address (harangue?):
las élites (...) tienen varios años tratando de sacarme de aquí y creo que pasarán muchos más tratando de sacarme, pero no lo podrán hacer, estoy seguro porque yo sé que nosotros andamos cumpliendo el mandato de Dios de luchar con los pobres, con los más necesitados.

He modestly continues:
después del 2021 me iré.

Margaret Thatcher, on May 11 1987, said, in anticipation of a victory in the June 11 General Election,
I hope to go on and on

She lasted just another 3½ years.

(Caracas Chronicles - a new blog on me - looks like a mine of good stuff on the referendum in particular and Venezuelan politics in general - and in English too!)

  1. This I gather from:
    se aprobó que el día que se tomará en cuenta como fecha de la consulta será el 15 y no el día en que se den los resultados, con lo cual quedaría descartada la posibilidad de que el Vicepresidente Ejecutivo asuma la presidencia de la República, en caso de revocarse el mandato al presidente Hugo Chávez.
    I'm deliberately abstaining from checking that until it becomes absolutely necessary!

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