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Thursday, June 10, 2004

Stanley Cup snafu: pull the other one!

I can enjoy a good game of baseball, but (ice-)hockey leaves me - well, cold. Following the puck, too much like hard work.

I knew not and cared less, therefore, that the Tampa Bay Lightning had won the Stanley Cup.

The Tampa Tribune notoriously ran an editorial commiserating with Lightning fans on their loss. Oopsy!

Yesterday, the rag produces its explanation:
They had prepared two versions of the editorial page - one for a win, one for a loss - and planned to select the correct one when the game ended, Thelen said.

Unaware of the plan, newsroom editors sent the wrong version to the pressroom because of confusion over the page number changes.

I don't know: but I'd have thought that, for a rag like the Tribune, to have your home town team in a national sports final would be just about as big a deal as there is, short of the US president being assassinated in your neck of the woods.

And, for the editor - the top guy, that is - to go to bed without having taken care that result-critical content - the final score, for instance - was right just seems flat wrong.

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