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Saturday, June 26, 2004

Something not quite right with that Wolfowitz apology

It appeared - PDF and all - with Cablenewser. Then Wonkette added her four pennyworth [1]. A whole big thing: the guy giving it the full Hearts and Flowers treatment.

A throwaway in a follow-up Cablenewser piece:
Did you notice that the letterhead spells Washington wrong (Washingtion?!)

Which, according to the guy's PDF it certainly does.

However - this is one crappy administration. But surely typos in the stationery of the Number 2 civilian at the Pentagon is a little too sloppy to be credible?

I mean, how long has the letterhead with the typo been in use? Are there other examples? Has the signature been checked? Etc, etc... AP (June 24) reports it straight, as does the New York Times. And Al Kamen in WaPo does likewise, with some background.

Now, I'm not sure whether the journos concerned are accustomed to receiving letters from the Wolf Man; or to noticing little things like typos in the engraving.

But - well, it's a puzzle. Exactly how was this open letter made available? Did any spin come with it? I can't see any trace of the letter on the DOD site - but I'm not a regular visitor, and could well just not be looking in the right place.

The fact that the letter is, as I believe, a wholly exceptional communication to come from Wolfowitz - or, indeed, from anyone else in the Administration - makes me particularly suspicious.

  1. Which translates as two cents, of course. In the first half of the 20th century, a pound sterling was worth around five dollars. Which would make two cents worth just under a penny in sterling. (That's a pre-decimalisation penny - 240 to the pound.) Pennyworth pronounced penuhth, the uh representing a schwa. That's enough currency. Ed.


How is it possible for the combined ranks of the journalistic profession to miss an obvious fact in plain sight?

Recall (from April 12) the case of the title of the August 6 PDB - Bin Ladin Determined to Strike in US - which caused such a furore during the Rice testimony before the 9/11 Commission: in the case, this key nugget of information had previously been 'hidden' in a front page Washington Post piece bylined by Bob Woodward!

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