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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Red Man scalps Terminator?

I'm not sure. But the question is certainly raised by the agreement of five tribes to new compacts with the California government (New York Times today.)

The tribes
own something less than 20 percent of the slot machines now in operation at 50 Indian casinos around California.

They are making an advance payment, in the form of a $1 billion bond, of payments to the state of around $150 million a year. In exchange, the sky's the limit for slot machines.

Perhaps there's a kicker. But even the Happy Hunting Ground of Connecticut manages to screw 25% of Indian gaming revenues (Mercury-News today), whereas Arnie's deals give California only 10% of existing revenues and 15% of those from the new slots.

And - a very bad omen - it seems that, at the signing ceremony, he was persuaded to don an Indian blanket, a gift from one of the tribes: such accoutrements on white men almost invariably indicate naivety on their part. Or their having gone native. Or received a large parcel of wampum by way of insult to their protoplasmal ancestors.

Nevertheless, I'm suspending judgement for the moment, pending rather more expert analysis of what has been agreed.

(The various texts are available here. )

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